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Walmart wins a Customer Service Star… if I had any to give.

Customer Service StarI knew when I bought my new tires and rims last fall that I was entitled to tire rotation every 10,000km, but apparently, I was also entitled to complimentary seasonal tire change service. Considering the level of service I have encountered at other establishments recently, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that my tire change was free, since I had originally purchased the tires at Walmart.

This is the second time that Walmart has really stepped up the customer service, at least for me. Last time it was when I was trying to get new winter rims for my truck. I had originally gone to Canadian Tire, seeing as they have Tire in the name, one would think that they would be good with rims and tires. I showed up for my scheduled appointment, wondered around for over an hour, just to be told that they didn’t have the rims in-stock (after making the appointment, stating that they had them…). I decided to give Walmart a try, seeing as how they only do oil changes and tires (I guess they do some sort of under coating too), I figured they might be able to get rims at a decent price. We scheduled an appointment, after they checked that they would have rims in, and I also needed my winters tires mounted. When appointment day arrived, April at Walmart called me, while I was still on the highway, heading into work, to let me know that they didn’t get the rims in. She then said that she would find out when they came in, set 4 aside and give me a call, and also squeeze me into the daily schedule when they came in to make up for the trouble.

Walmart LogoI only had to wait a week for the call that my rims were in, and I could get the winter tires mounted. Talk about service.. you can pat yourselves on the back for that one Walmart. I have an oil change coming up soon, and I know where I will be looking to first. Keep up the good service.