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Best of the Week – 0413

Here we go with this weeks edition of Best of the Week!

Movie Trailer of the Week: 

Movie 43 – In theatres January 25th, 2013

Synopsis:A series of interconnected short films follows three kids as they search the depths of the Internet to find the most banned movie in the world.
I’m not even going to attempt to name any of the cast of this one, but if you’ve seen a film of any kind in the last 5 years or so, then you will be able to name over half of this ensemble. I don’t think the trailer does it justice either, and I really hope they didn’t plug up the trailer with all the good parts, I hate when they do that.

YouTube Video of the Week:

Mission Impossible – Lindsey Stirling and the Piano Guys

Lindsey Stirling makes another appearance on my YouTube video of the week list with a new take on the Mission Impossible theme. This time she team’s up with The Piano Guys and a chap with a cello. I am moving closer to the conclusion that any musical compilation that Lindsey comes out with, will be pure awesome.

News Article of the Week:

Norway goat cheese fire shuts down road tunnel.
Yes, you read that title correctly, a fire that consisted of gourmet goat cheese shut down a road tunnel in Norway. Not only did it shut the tunnel down, but it burned for 4 days and is expected to take weeks to clean up the mess. In Norway this particular goat cheese is known as Brunost, which is a caramelized brown cheese. I may have discovered an alternative fuel source.

Goat Cheese Fire, big news this week.
Expensive alternative fuel source.








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