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It’s been a busy summer

But I am back, so I’ll give a bit of a recap of some of the activities that I was up to this past summer, and most of the fall.

I have started flying again, which is a lot more expensive than when I earned my wings. I’ve managed a few left seat rides this summer, though not as many as I would like due to cost and schedules. I still need to get used to cross wind landings again, loosen up the death grip on the yoke, and as my dad was more than happy to point out.. “You have flaps, why not use them” so yeah, I need to use them again too, especially considering how much I did when I learned to fly.

In the spring I had signed up to volunteer with the Civil Air Search and Rescue Association, which meant I had another reason to go flying, though mostly in the right seat acting as a navigator. Who could ask for a better way to spend their Saturday mornings than going to a flight?

This fall I also started helping out as an instructor/supervisor as one of the local Air Cadet Squadrons, mostly teaching aviation related subjects to kids aged between 12 and 18. I figured it was good to give back to a program that I got so much out of when I was younger.

And I’ll back up a bit, we, being my wife and I, were able to take a summer vacation in Jamaica. We stayed at the beautiful Couples Swept Away resort in Negril, along the western coast. Oh how I can’t wait to go back, though it may be a few years before we have the cash and free time to get back.

Jamaican Sunset, Summer 2013, Negril.
Jamaican Sunset


The resort we spent a week atthis summer, Couples Swept Away
The resort we spent a week at this summer, Couples Swept Away

Oh, and this summer we also adopted a little girl… so you can guess how busy we are now.