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Best of the Week – 3712

Here we go with with this weeks edition of Best of the Week.

Movie Trailer of the Week: 
Resident Evil: Retribution – In theatres September 14th, 2012 (Seriously, that’s tomorrow!!)

Alice fights alongside a resistance movement in the continuing battle against the Umbrella Corporation and the undead. This is one of my favourite film franchises, and stars one of my personal favourite actresses, Milla Jovovich. You get Zombies, a crazy virus, a large company that controls a lot of stuff… and hot ladies.

YouTube Video of the Week:
Fountain Boat crash… Dubstepified

What happens when a bunch of people go cruising in a really fast boat and hit the wake of another boat at a bad angle? What happens when you add a small video loop and dubstep music? Internet sensation is what happens.

It also helps that I took that video, and made it even longer…

News Article of the Week:
Man who ejaculated on women in public parks gets sentenced.
I can’t even make this stuff up. It’s especially funny as it happened in the city were I work, and I drive by both parks daily.

eBay Auction of the Week:
A Pewter Merlin figure – See the auction discription though.
OMG This little piece or worthless metal will make you rich! It will cure Cancer! I take pictures with really bad Instagram filters!

Awesome Software of the Week:
Addons Detector – Android
Want to quickly see which ads and tools each app uses? Addons Detector!
Addons Detector detects addons used by your installed applications and has tools to find push notification ads.
It’s a great way to see what advertising agencies other developers use, and what tools they have integrated.
Or if you are looking for the app that uses AirPush or similar push notifications, you can easily find it and remove it.
Addons Detector for Android - week 37 2012










As always, I’m still open to suggestions for other categories, and for nominations to get included on the list. You can let me know at: oftheweekATleighcDOTcom