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Best of the Week – 1613

Here we go with this weeks edition of Best of the Week.

Movie Trailer of the Week: 

Oblivion – In theatres April 19th, 2013

Synopsis: A veteran assigned to extract Earth’s remaining resources begins to question what he knows about his mission and himself.
This has nothing to do with the Elder Scrolls series of video games, believe me. Here we are taking a look at another story about our own future, a look into a post war Earth where we are forced to re-think everything we know… kind of like the Matrix, but with no blue or red pills. Oblivion stars Tom Cruise in the main role, and he is joined by Olga Kurylenko (Quantum of Solace), Andrea Riseborough (New to me, but cute), and the man should should narrate my life, Morgan Freeman.

YouTube Video of the Week:

Psy – Gentleman

Again, we won’t understand most of the lyrics, and we get to watch the South Korean pop sensation dance around silly well being moderately dressed… though I think he has the dressier version of MC Hammer‘s parachute pants on. Let’s help pad PSY’s retirement fund, as his newest video is only a week old and hovering around 150 million hits on YouTube. Oh, and does anyone know what a mother father gentleman is?

News Article of the Week:

Airport employee pens resignation letter on a cake.
When it comes to quitting your job, there are many ways in which you can inform your current employer that you are done. Chris Holmes, who had worked as an immigration agent for the Border Force at the Stansted Airport, the other lesser know of the London Airports, may have found the tastiest way to say piss off, I’m done. He served up his notice on a cake.
Check out Chris’s website here, looks like he makes some other delicious looking treats.

Quitting via cake, news this week.

As always, I’m still open to suggestions for other categories, and for nominations to get included on the list. You can let me know at: oftheweekATleighcDOTcom