Unleash the hounds!

Something that is missing from this city, and this province… Weiner Dog Races!
Being an owner of a Dachshund, I can confirm that they are little tubes of energy… except the mandatory ~18 hours of sleeping (at least, that’s probably the number of hours that mine logs everyday).
I wonder how much effort it would take to organize a Dachshund race, or maybe a Weiner day in Saint John, Fredericton or even Moncton.

Here’s what a Weiner dog race looks like, just for reference.

I’m sure Tinker would enjoy it.

Mr.Beer, round 1 begin!

Mr.Beer Logo

So, I picked up a Mr.Beer Premium Gold Edition kit from Amazon.ca just before Christmas, and it arrived last Monday.
After lunch today I opened up the kit and decided to start the process. Step 1 was to sanitize… everything, the mini keg, the can opener, a few spoons and a measuring cup. Step 2 was to create the Wort in a large sauce pan using some water and the ‘Booster’ which appears to be corn starch, bring these up to a boil and then mix in the HME, which is the ‘Hop Malt Extract’, which was some funky glue like substance that was really dark brown.

Here is what my first batch of Wort looked like.
[singlepic id=4 w=320 h=240 float=left]

Once the Wort was ready, I prepared the keg by adding in 4 quarts of nice cold water (keg warns about pouring the hot liquid into the keg without it) then added in the Wort mix into the keg and stir well. Had to top up the keg, with an additional ~3.5 quarts or so, again with cold water, until I hit the 8.5 quart mark on the keg. Added in the brewers yeast and waited the 5 minutes that were instructed, then stirred in the yeast and capped the keg.

Here is what the keg with the Wort and yeast looked like, just before I stirred in the yeast and capped the keg.
[singlepic id=5 w=320 h=240 float=left]

Now the keg is placed in a spot where it will stay between 20′ and 23′ Celsius, which is my office (Computer heating… can’t be beat), and it should be ready for the bottling stage in 7-14 days, though I’ll probably give it the full 14. And in case you are wondering, I decided to start off with the Cowboy Golden Lager.  I have also decided that I will have to order more bottles, and possibly another keg so that I can always have a batch on the go and a few ready to drink.

I will update more on this when I get to bottling.

New build of Serviio – 0.6.1

A new build of Serviio has been released. 0.6.1 rolled out this past week with a few nice changes and updates. I’ve been using Serviio for the last year and have found it to be one of the best DLNA services available for Windows and Linux.

Some of the highlights that I like.
– Stream online content like Youtube or Hulu
– Less disconnects
– Better transcoding support

Full release notes for the new version can be read here.

And you can download Serviio here.

Lol, funny ad from the fine folks at LG

A friend sent this to me, saying I resemble the guy in this video.
Trust me, it’s worth watching until the end.


The internet is not a truck

This always makes me laugh, and it’s even available with a techno beat.

What a crazy weekend in the EPL

All I can say is wow. It seems all the top teams ran out of steam at the end of the year.

Manchester United going down 2 – 3 to Blackburn, who live at the opposite end of the table. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, ManU does this every season at least once.

Aston Villa getting past Chelsea 3 – 1, a bit of a shock, but Villa has always been able to shake up the top teams when needed.

Swansea tying up Tottenham with a 1 – 1 draw, just slowing down the pace the Spurs are going at, which is aiming for that top spot in the table.

And the match that I predicted the outcome for on Bookface, Sunderland shocked City (Manchester City that is) with a 1 – 0 win at home. This helped keep United level with City in points, and leaving it all to goal differential, where City holds a lead of 5.

Now with Arsenal’s 2 – 1 lose to Fulham today, Chelsea have slipped back into the top 4, and a guaranteed spot in the Champions League next season, with Arsenal sliping down to 5th spot in the table.

The full Premier League table can be seen here:  The Table

Someone looks comfy

[singlepic id=3 w=320 h=240 float=left]This is Tux, one of our cats, and the only other male in the house besides me.

He likes to wonder into a room with people and just lay down at random…

Oh, and he is named Tux because he is black and white, not for any other reason (Ladies will understand)

Now with more Bacon!