Best of the Week – 2612

Here we go with with this weeks edition of Best of the Week.

Movie Trailer of the Week:
Dredd – In theatre September 21st 2012

I don’t always get excited about a reboot/remake, but when I do, I expect awesomesauce. Yes, they are doing a reboot of the 1995 Judge Dredd which starred Sylvester Stallone. Now, the 1995 film wasn’t the best received, or well liked film… but this reboot does look good… and at least they waited 17 years to remake, unlike Spider Man.

Music Mash Up Awesomeness of the Week:
Sarah Donner and The OatmealThe Motherf*cking Pterodactyl

Warning: Language!
Matthew Inman runs The Oatmeal, a fricking awesome site with web comics, odd quizzes and more… and it’s all pure internet genius. Sarah Donner is an indie musician with her own record label, oh, and she loves cats. Together, they created one of the best videos ever.
Currently, Matthew and The Oatmeal are in a bit of a sticky wicket, as another website is trying to sue them for slander… but Matthew decided to leverage this and try and do some good, to the tune of raising $200,000+ to split between the National Wildlife Federation and the American Cancer Society. Here’s a recent article on the shenanigans that are going on.

News Article of the Week:
Google Nexus 7
Shut up and take my money! Google teamed up with Asus to make the Kindle Fire killer. The specs are amazing, a quad core cpu, 8 or 16gb or storage, 1280×800 display, and all for $199 ($209 in Canada), and add $50 to jump to 16gb. All it is really missing is HDMI out and expandable memory, though the second thing is negated by cloud storage.

eBay Auction of the Week:
4″ Kangaroo Scrotum Leather Pouch
Umm, well at least they got the ‘Pouch’ part. I was going to link to some collector popcorn, but the auction ends too soon.

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Best of the Week – 2512

Here we go with with this weeks edition of Best of the Week.

Movie Trailer of the Week:
Ted – In theatre June 29th 2012

This looks like it is going to be a good comedy to get the summer season started. It’s Seth MacFarlanes first full length feature film, and we all know him from Family Guy and American Dad!. Oh, and you might want to check out the more adult version of the trailer too.

Music Mash Up of the Week:
Gorillaz vs Genesis – Stylo Can’t Dance

OMG, the first reader submitted content! (Thanks Melissa)
I was surprised how well the songs meshed together, not to mention the video itself. Gorillaz is famous for their animated videos, and has made some of my favourite songs in the past, and the video for Stylo was no exception… of course, it does help having Bruce Willis in it too. Now we mash in the other awesome that it Genesis, home to the great Phil Collins, and bring in their video and vocals from I can’t Dance, straight out of 1991.

News Article of the Week:
NeverSeconds photo ban lifted
Student write blog about sad state of food in school cafeteria, all while raising money to send food to less fortunate children. School bans student from taking pictures of food to post on blog. Student shuts down blog (no really, but posts message stating she is done). Internet finds out. Internet unleashes upon the school board an epic display of the Streisand Effect. School board council chairman over turns decision, supports freedom of speech and expression.
Martha PayneSeriously, how could you say “No, you cannot take pictures of your food and write a blog about is” to this girl.







eBay Auction of the Week:
Haunted Demon Power Ring!! (warning, seller embedded a youtube video… it’s sad)
I have just one thing to say about this… Lord of The Rings!

Meme of the Week:
Samuel L. Jackson and Siri
Samuel L Jackson Siri










And you can even make your own!!! There are some really awesome ones on this site.

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It’s Dachshund Time!

Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy, but I’m a Dachshund, so love me, maybe?
To some of you, I may also be know as a Weenie Dog, Weiner Dog, Sausage Dog, Doxie, Long Dog or even a Tekkel Doxie.
Now some of you may be wondering why I’m writing about dachshunds… Well, let’s start with the fact that I (and the wife of course) own a doxie, in fact, she can be seen in the picture to the left. Her name is Tinker, after Tinkerbell, and she is a dapple patterned, tween (she’s not big enough to be a standard and a little to big to be a miniture) size dachshund that also has Heterochromia iridum (2 different coloured eyes).

So, now on to the real reason behind a post dedicated to the lovable dachshund.

  1. I want to setup a Dachshund Race
  2. I recently acquired
Dachshund Racing just plain looks fun, even if there are people that do not condone it. From what I have been able to find, the nearest organized event to me (at least in Canada)is in Montreal. I would like to do an event for the maritime’s, inviting dogs from Atlantic Canada and New England to come compete in a fun event, with some prizes (and hopefully some sponsors of course) and all to raise some money for the local Animal Rescue League, Canadian Dachshund Rescue and Dachshund Rescue of North America.
So, now I have to decide, should I register Tinker and go to the Montreal Wiener Dog Races, or spend that time planning a 2013 Dachshund race in Saint John. I also need to figure out what I want to do with I initially wanted to setup a Word Press style site with forums dedicated to all things doxie, or maybe use it as the front for my dachshund racing plans, and eventually the event itself.
I’ll come back this soon, and post an update.
In the meantime, consider donating to one of the organizations below, adopting your very own Dachshund or both.
Canadian Dachshund Rescue
Canadian Dachshund Rescue
Saint John Animal Rescue League
Saint John Animal Rescue League
Dachshund Rescue of North America
Dachshund Rescue of North America
And if you live in eastern Canada or New England, take your special pup to the Montreal Races.


Best of the Week – 2412

Here we go with with this weeks edition of Best of the Week.

Movie Trailer of the Week:
The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey – In theatre December 14th 2012

I have been waiting for this film since the Lord of the Rings films finished. Peter Jackson can do no wrong, considering he kept most of the same LoTR cast, and was able to use the same filming locations.
Note: I was going to pick ‘The Host‘ this week, then I noticed that The Host was based on a Stephenie Meyer novel… and all Movies based on her books should be burned. Thanks for making vampires into sparklers, please go die in a fire.

Music Mash Up Awesomeness of the Week:
Miami Dolphin Cheerleaders – Call me maybe

This song has become an internet icon, and has spawned countless parodies. Now, it has been paired up with a boat load of beautiful women, who do a great job with the lip syncing and choreographing this video. OK, to be honest, no one has watched the clip for the music.

News Article of the Week:
Farmer blames heat ray for cows’ deaths
I’m not really sure where to start with this… Maybe I really should start making and selling hats that are pre-lined with tin foil. I did manage to dig up the series of videos that the farmer made to back up his claims, but be warned, you must put on your tin foil hat prior to watching:

eBay Auction of the Week:
Strange Mummified Alien thing (I am pretty sure it’s a stingray)
I can’t even begin to comprehend that there is actually a market for this… but I guess people will believe just about anything.

Meme of the Week:
I’m from the future, and I’m your baby








See my above Music Video of the week, that’s all I’m going to say.

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Best of the Week – 2312

A little note here, you’ll notice the number in the title. It is to represent the week and year, this being the 23rd week of the year, and the year being 2012.
Now, on with the show.

Best new movie preview of the week:
Wreck-it Ralph – In theaters November 2nd, 2012

This film screams nerdgasm. A video game character who leaves his game to try and switch from the bad side to the good side… and cameos by some of the most recognized video game characters ever.

Music Mash up Mix of the week:
Mister Rogers Remixed – Gardens of your mind

If you ever saw this man on television, you’ll get it. They don’t make shows like this any more, and Mister Rogers Neighbourhood was one of the best children’s tv shows of all time.

 eBay auction of the week:
Alien fetus in a jar (with after birth!)
It’s a good thing that it says prop, as I am sure there are people out there who would actually believe that this is real… in fact, I probably know a few.

Kijiji post of the week:
Short Fat Guy Moving – This one if for you Micah
It was the title that grabbed my eye, since I know a few ‘Short Fat Guys’. I must say, well played man, this ad is definitely and attention getter, and your rates seem decent.

News article of the week:
Nakawic boy creates band album art
Kids, don’t give up your dreams. This involves a young kid that drew a picture, had it posted at a cat show, it was noticed by a band that was in the area, and now it’s the cover of their album.
The band is called The Danger Bees btw… I might have to check them out.




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Mission Accomplished: Truck fixed and Walmart saved.

As per my previous post, I have been having a small issue with my truck, a 2008 Ford Escape. I was experiencing a nasty vibration while accelerating that would shake the centre console and rear of the truck quite bad. Well, on the advice of a co-worker, I took the truck to a different repair shop than my usual place, having described the problem and letting them know what I suspected after deploying my ninja like Google skills and having a family member and friend both suggest the same thing…. bad U-Joints on the drive train.
I dropped the truck off at King Performance this morning, confirmed the issue and went to work.  I spent most of the day waiting for the “it’s done” phone call, and had to wait until 3:40pm to get it… All done! Stopped in after work and was not surprised to find out that they replaced both the front and rear U-Joints on the drive shaft… and guess what? Vibration gone. Now I just have a minor vibration at highway speed, but I suspect the tires are in need of re-balancing and rotation… but at least I can accelerate now and not feel like the truck will shake apart.

On to the next item. I had stopped at Walmart near work to pick up some soft cat food for the 3 Mouseketeers, and also wanted to grab some new dog treats for Longdog. As I was browsing through the treat selection, I noticed the O’l Roy brand, that I had previously purchased in a 3kg jar, was also available in smaller jars, and for smaller dogs, as the large jar was for medium to large dogs. I noticed something odd about the small jars… they said that they also contained 3kg’s of treats, so I picked it up… nope, didn’t feel like 3kg’s, so I compared to the big jar, and could feel the weight difference right away. I decided to take a closer look at the label and noticed that the label was exactly the same, including the UPC code. Luckily, one of the staff members was nearby stocking the shelves, so I called them over to ask them if they had noticed the incorrect label. The associate has surprised to see the wrong label on the small jar and figured that there must have been a mix up with the supplier, so she proceeded to remove the problematic jars from the shelve and thanked me for pointing it out. We both agreed that it was better to catch the problem now, as opposed to having an angry customer at the check out. I ended up getting a small jar of O’l Roy treats with gravy flavour and the correct label, for small and toy dogs.



More fun with the truck

As most of you who have visited my page before will know, I own a 2008 Ford Escape, the XLT package with all wheel drive. In the winter it performed like a champ, except for  minor little issue… filling up the gas tank in temperatures below 0’C was painful. I have since found out that Ford issued a TSB about filling up in cold temperatures… yeah, not that it does me any good. Over all, I still rate it a good little truck (yes, I call it my truck). By the way, here’s my updated Fuelly banner:

So, back to why I am discussing my truck, yet again. A few weeks ago, I started to notice a vibration while turning and accelerating at the same time. It wasn’t that bad at first, and definitely not as bad as when the ABS Tone Ring (This link will show you a bad ring, and how to replace it) went bad on me in March, which I don’t think I wrote about… anyway, the little metal ring cost $18, the labour almost $400… yeah, back to the new problem.

Over the next few weeks, the vibration has been getting worse, but I have been able to pin down some facts.

  • Vibration is noticeable while accelerating between 18 and 24 km/h. Accelerating really slowly makes it less noticeable.
  • Vibration is again noted between 43 and 48 km/h, but since the truck is moving faster it is at a higher frequency.
  • A slight vibration can be felt while decelerating through the above speed ranges.
  • Climbing my hill (Park Ave) at ~20km/h will cause the vibration to be so strong it shakes the crap out of the centre console.

Now, I took it into a repair shop and they diagnosed a bad from swat bar link, again a cheap part (though they quoted me $70, I can get them online for closer to $20) with a nice labour charge dumped on top. This did not fix the problem… So, being me, I went all Google ninja and have come to the conclusion that the problem lies in the drive train linkage from the front of the truck to the rear.
Today (maybe), I’ll be having my brother in-law drop the drive train down and look at the housing and u-joints, as we suspect they might be ceased. I will update the outcome later.